Dr Anna Wisniewska

Anna Wisniewska graduated with honours from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry in 1992.
During her professional career she searched for a branch of dentistry that would be “closest to her heart” and after several years she concluded that taking care of dental patients from their youngest years to old age offers her the greatest satisfaction and lets her use her potential to the fullest. While she was still “defining” herself as a dentist, she was continuously expanding her knowledge about the latest techniques and materials available in dentistry by taking part in numerous trainings and workshops, national and international. She was a consultant and actively cooperated with Dr Bogumiła Cyrulik on her PhD dissertation devoted to the relation between temporomandibular joints and posture (axiality). This collaboration marked a new beginning in her understanding of dentistry as a part of medicine, and gave her a new perspective on the influence of the dentist’s work on the patient’s well-being, stemming not only from a perfect prosthetic reconstruction of their smile. She regards her patients’ satisfaction and meeting their expectations as the most important aspect of her work. Her priority is dentistry based on thorough knowledge not only from the field of dental care but also the functioning of the whole organism. Such holistic approach is especially important when diagnosing and treating patients with unusually high expectations towards their dentist.

Price List

Dantal Examination- consultation with an x-ray and prescription £60, x-rays during continued treatment are free, otherwise £20
Child dental check up / adaptation appointment £50
Sandblasting £90
Ultrasonic scaling £110
Fluoride therapy: mouth guard £60
Scaling with sandblasting: polishing and fluoride therapy £160
Varnishing: Adults £110
Varnishing: Children £60
Fissure sealing: 1 tooth £70
Tray-based teeth whitening £285
Therapeutic dreesing £70
Consultation; Dentist, Anna Wisniewska (30min) £60
Night guard/ sport guard £210 - £310
Local anaesthetic FREE
Dental composite filling: a permanent tooth £100 - £210
Milk tooth filling £120
Tooth restoration £230 - £340
Metal post and core £145
Fibre glass post and core £230
Local anaesthetic FREE
Due to the special nature of prosthetic treatment, a £100 deposit payable before the next visit may be introduced in the cases specified by the dentist.
Local anaesthetic FREE
All-ceramic crown £725
Porcelain crown (cercon base) £725
Composite crown £340
Porcelain crown (metal base) £510
Inlay, onlay, overlay from £340
Composite veener £290
Porcelain veneer £560
Partial acrylic denture £670
Full acrylic denture £780
Skeletal denture £1210
Broken denture repair
1 item (e.g. denture gluing) from £130
Crown or post cementing £70
Temporary crown from £100
Local anaesthetic FREE
Dental extraction: milk tooth £70 - 130
Dental extraction: permanent tooth £120 - 230
Surgical extraction £190 - 310
Removal of stitches (if treatment performed elsewhere) - up to 3 stitches £60
Abcsess incision £75
Surgical dressing £60
Single canal
aneasthetic, x-ray, appointments related to the treatment, final filling of root canal.The price does NOT include the filling or restoration. from £260
2 canals
aneasthetic, x-ray, appointments related to the treatment, final filling of root canal.The price does NOT include the filling or restoration. from £310
3 canals
aneasthetic, x-ray, appointments related to the treatment, final filling of root canal.The price does NOT include the filling or restoration. £360
Root resection £210-340
Retrograde root canal filling £230-340
Perforation closure £230-340
Closure of sinus-mouth connection £230-340
Surgical resection of impacted tooth £230-340
Surgical unveiling of impacted tooth for orthodontic reasons £230-340
Removal of gingival pocket next to impacted tooth £120
Alveoplasty before implantation £230-340
Periapical cyst removal £230-340
Extraction of tissue for histopathological examination
cost of histopathology biopsy not included (one biopsy from £75) £230-340
Periodontal insert £55
Consultation £60
Full consultation with diagnostic models
(the price does not include the digital panoramic 3D scan - £50) £150
Digital panoramic 3D scan £50
Permanent braces – one arch:
- permanent metal wired braces £680
- permanent porcelain braces £800
- self-ligating brackets Damon £900
Check-up £100 - £125
Check-up for transfer patients (already wearing braces from elsewhere) £100 - 150
Broken brace repair
(For the patient treated in a different clinic, the price depends on the type of braces) from £70
Debond /permanent braces removal
Two arches with mobile retainers £460
Debond /permanent braces removal One arch with a mobile retainer
One arch with a mobile retainer £260
The change/repair of a mobile retainer £80
The change/repair of a permanent retainer £150
Mobile braces:
The repair of mobile braces from £80


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