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Dr Katarzyna Malaczynska-Rajpold

Dr Katarzyna Malaczynska-Rajpold was born in Poland. She completed her medical school as well as training in cardiology in Poznan, her home city.
Her main area of interest during training was pulmonary circulation with emphasis on arterial and chronic thrombo-embolic pulmonary hypertension. This changed during the course of her PhD at Poznan University of Medical Sciences while studying three-dimensional delayed enhancement cardiac magnetic resonance in evaluating myocardial scar as a ventricular tachycardia substrate. This laid the foundation for her interest in cardiac arrhythmias. She moved to Royal Brompton Hospital (London) to further pursue training in cardiac electrophysiology and devices. In 2018 she was a visiting fellow at the Arrhythmia Section in the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona. In 2018 she became an executive member of the Young EP Committee at EHRA.

Price List

Consultation £120
Consultation with ECG (electrocardiography) £160
Consultation with heart ultrasound (echocardiography) £270
Holter ECG 1 day £114
Holter ECG 2 days £118
Holter ECG 3 days £122
Holter ECG 4 days £126
Holter ECG 5 days £130
Holter ECG 6 days £134
Holter ECG 7 days £138
Holter ECG 8 days £147
Holter ECG 9 days £156
Holter ECG 10 days £161
Holter ECG 11 days £165
Holter ECG 12 days £169
Holter ECG 13 days £174
Holter ECG 14 days £178


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