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Weronika Caruso

An ever-smiling optimist, perfectionist and aesthete, whose presence in Top Medical Clinic is not a coincidence! She co-creates our team to fulfil the need for continuous development, search for new solutions in cosmetology, and pursue her passion for beauty.
A qualified cosmetologist, graduate of the School of Medical Science in Bialystok, and a specialist with vast knowledge and experience, whose profession is also a lifelong passion. At work she is always on the go, with great devotion and bags of enthusiasm – all this to properly take care of not only your outer beauty but also the incredibly important and fragile sphere of your appearance which is your well-being!
In our Clinic she performs treatments from the field of beauty care to borderline aesthetic medicine. Her work with each patient begins with an individual and thorough interview which makes it possible for her to correctly diagnose the patient’s problem.

She has attended numerous training courses regarding new solutions in cosmetology and still keeps raising her qualifications and skills. As a woman, she knows perfectly well that each of us needs some time for herself, a bit of luxury and being able to show the beauty which might have been lost in the course of everyday duties and activities…

Weronika Caruso takes great pleasure in caring for her clients’ beauty, knowing that a woman pleased with her looks is a happier partner, mother and wife…

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